Tennis & Racebook Betting: How to avoid wagering issues

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Sportsbook Review occasionally receives complaints from players who have time disputes on both tennis betting and racebook betting.

Both sports have some things in common: Starting times can be erratic, and wagering timestamps are scrutinized very carefully.

With tennis, often times matches are either delayed due to the court being occupied, weather changes, or the matches even start earlier than the scheduled times due to the matches before completing sooner. Sometimes players withdraw due to injury mid-match which can also expedite the schedule of play.

Then, aside from all of the aforementioned issues, there are situations where players have their wagers voided due to waiting until the last minute (during warmups pre-set) to place their bets.

With respect to racebook action, players like to wait until the last possible nanosecond to submit their wagers. The bettors like to look at how the horses approach the gate, how they settle in, and what results is a game of chicken where the players go head-to-head with their sportsbook trying to time their wager to the last possible second before it is taken off the board.

There is a simple solution to avoid hiccups in either sport, and it is not one players are likely going to enjoy --- do not wait until the very last possible second to submit your bet.

Even in a perfect world where you legitimately do not believe you have past-posted (wagered late), there are things beyond your control: The time zone difference between your computer clock and the one used by the online sportsbook, for example. Another culprit is the time zone used by the track or tennis court, or countless other scenarios that can cause your wager not to be accepted.

The worst of the worst sportsbooks --- those listed on the scam website blacklist -- may even freeroll players by waiting until it is determined if their wagers are winners or losers before labeling their wagers as past-posted.

Wagering early avoids these headaches entirely. Still, if you absolutely insist on threading the needle and believe your wager to have been improperly voided, submit a sportsbook complaint with SBR and an analyst with help you get to the bottom of it.

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