SuperLenny Tennis Grading Complaint: Player vs. Sportsbook

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A (unrated) player has filed a wagering complaint.

The player recently wagered €150 on the Jeremy Chardy vs. Samuel Groth tennis match.

Samuel Groth retired following the completion of the first set. The online sportsbook voided the player's wager, which prompted the player to point out that SuperLenny's tennis rules list that bets are official after the first set.

SuperLenny's tennis rule is quoted below. Rules: "One full set must be completed for wagers to stand. If less than 1 set is completed in the match all wagers are considered void. 2.22.2. All bets on a specific set stand if the set is completed. If the set in question is not completed for any reason all wagers are considered void. 2.22.3. If a tennis match is not completed because of a player retirement or disqualification, all not decided set bets will be considered void."

Highlighted in yellow are the two applicable terms: One full set was definitely completed, and the clause concerning retirements only speaks to undecided set bets.

SuperLenny disagreed with the player's contention that the market was graded incorrectly based on their own rules. It very well may be SuperLenny's intent that any tennis retirement will result in a voided money line wager, but that is not clearly conveyed. Online sportsbooks must have clear and unambiguous rules to prevent this very scenario.

A logical interpretation of what is written is that one full set is required for wagers to stand, and that if an opening set had not completed due to retirement, the match bet would be voided. If SuperLenny intends that only bets on the first set specifically have action if the set is completed, the rule can be written much more clearly.

Sportsbook Review has asked SuperLenny to credit players who had their bets voided, and rewrite their rule to be clearer and less ambiguous.

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