SuperLenny Player Says Racebook Linesmen Fell Asleep at Wheel

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A SuperLenny (SBR rating C) player has accused the online sportsbook of falling asleep at the wheel and docking him £690 in profit for a winning racebook play on Suggestion to win the 17:15 at Southwell.

SuperLenny argued that the wager was voided due to the odds changing, though the player pointed out it was standard market movement.

Player: "I am sure they’re fully aware that odds are constantly changing, especially in horse racing. I simply ask that Superlenny honour the bet, which forms a contract in law, and pay me my winnings," wrote the player.

The player pointed out that the odds opened at 2.5 (+150) and his wager was placed at 3 (+200).

Sportsbook Review has asked SuperLenny to address the complaint.

When online sportsbooks are slow to respond to market movement and keep their odds consistent with other bookmakers this is referred to as falling asleep at the wheel. The same situation occurred recently in a complaint against EFBet. Sportsbooks are expected to honor legitimate lines and not penalize players for capitalizing on slow-moving linesmen.

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