Super Bowl XLIX Betting Recap: Q&A with Online Sportsbooks

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It's safe to say that Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll won't be invited to any Las Vegas casinos as guest of honor any time soon.

Las Vegas sportsbooks won just $3.3 million of the $116 million wagered, according to Nevada Gaming Control Board officials this Monday. 

Carroll made the unpopular decision to have his quarterback throw a bizarre slant pass with one timeout left instead of run the ball from the half-yard line, causing a swing of millions of dollars in Las Vegas and offshore.

Sportsbook Review also questioned offshore, online bookmakers on how they made out.

The following Q&A was answered by the head sportsbook lines manager of BetDSI Sportsbook, Bookmaker, and SportsInteraction.

SBR: Was Super Bowl XLIX a financial hit or miss and why?
BetDSI: "Financially it was a hit in that our wagering volume was outstanding due to the attractiveness of the game in terms of a close line (basically a Pick), returning champs vs. one of the best teams the past 10 years ... and our customer base has grown so well over the past few seasons. While we lost a little on the game itself, the huge volume signals a win when looking a year-over-year wagering volume, higher average wager amount and increased customer base."

SportsInteraction: "I’d say it was a bullet dodged to be honest. We had a big liability on New England so we were happy to break even under the circumstances. New England was an excellent winner for us in our Futures market so we made a nice profit there – our best Super Bowl future market ever."

Bookmaker: "Miss--- All teasers and a lot of parlays won...But futures was good, but not enough to outweigh the games result."

SBR: How did parlay players do betting the big game? Any notable scores?
BetDSI: "No massive scores to report, teasers and parlays with pats-over where big here so there are many customers who did well onparlays and teasers."

SportsInteraction: "Obviously with all teasers covering we got hit pretty hard there."

Bookmaker: "Loads of parlays won, a popular combo was new eng and over. One customer won approx 125k on that combo."

SBR: How does this Super Bowl rank both financially and volume wise compared to previous years?
BetDSI: "As mentioned it was a small loss on the bottom line but the silver lining is that our customer base has grown so strong over the past few years we are taking postive picture of the game. A larger customer base is great to report and the fact that the average wager per player was also higher than in previous years is a positive to take with us."

SportsInteraction: "Not going to go into volume but financially we’ve had better and we’ve had much worse "

Bookmaker: "Volume was up approx 15%, finacially we have had bad results before and certainly worse results than this."

SBR: How did the house do on in-game wagering during the Super Bowl?
BetDSI: "Live wagering was a financial success more-so than the pre-game itself in terms of dollars won as we did well in that area. our in-game product is very strong now both in terms of product offering and customer awareness. the way the game played out in terms of pats edging ahead, them hawks tie, pats edge ahead, hawks tie - the ebb and flow like that makes for good in-game wagering as the lines never get to far off a base number and the total was the same in terms of being close to the pre-game prices."

SportsInteraction: "Decent profit in-running."

Bookmaker: "We had Seattle as a big big winner in live betting and New england was a small loser."

SBR: The sportsbook dealt quite a number of prop wagers. How did the house do on props?
BetDSI: "Props usually work out well in that we try to minimize our exposure on a particular prop but moving the juice first and then the number if needed - while it can cut down your profit margin versus standing strong in a position, we tend to take minimal positions on a prop as opposed to a game itself.  The pure volume that the super bowl brings does make balancing props much easier than a typical sunday nfl game. sharps did well beating us with lots of strong positions *on* Julian Edelman any chance they got whether it was his receptions, yards, or matching him up versus another player - they clearly identified Edelman to play a big role and were correct on that. Sharps got beat betting Lynch rushing yards and carries Under, but that action was off-set but public players generally going over in those same props."

SportsInteraction: "Overall we did well on props – MVP and First TD Scorer were great results for us and we actually managed to make a very handsome profit on the coin toss. Action split 63%/37% on Heads/Tails so we were delighted to see it come up tails!"

Bookmaker: "Props were great, huge volume and we made a decent profit. One of the most popular props was the national anthem over 122 seconds which covered..."

Sportsbook Review will update if additional lines managers agree to go on record and thanks those who participated in the Q&A.

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