Super Bowl Squares Pool #2: 60 slots left

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There are 60 slots left in the free Super Bowl Squares pool at the Sportsbook Review network.

The squares pool awards 15,000 betpoints in total.

Squares pools are a favorite among online sports bettors who simply enjoy having two numbers to follow for the event while checking the progress of all of their other sports picks.

Join the Super Bowl Squares pool today.

Below is how the Super Bowl 50 squares pool will pay-out:

  • 2,000 betpoints per quarter (right-way score)
  • 1,000 betpoints per quarter (wrong-way score)
  • 2,000 betpoints final (right-way score)
  • 1,000 betpoints per final (wrong-way score)

The betpoints are good for immediate redemption at the Sportsbook Review store.

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