Super Bowl props flowing like candy on Halloween

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Super Bowl XLVII is sure to be one of the most wagered on events of the year. The "Harbaugh Bowl", as it's being dubbed, has brothers John and Jim Harbaugh on opposite sides of the field. John Harbaugh is the coach of the Baltimore Ravens, younger brother Jim coaches the San Francisco 49ers. Bettors of all kinds enjoy one aspect of Super Bowl wagering more than any other: Prop betting.

Yahoo! Sports has referenced prop bets offered by British bookmaker Will Hill (SBR rating A), Bovada (SBR rating A), and (SBR rating D-).

One popular prop most people saw coming: The number of times "Harbaugh" will be said during the game. The over/under is set at 21.5.

Another unique one is the length of the postgame handshake/hug between Harbaugh brothers, with an over/under of 7.5 seconds.

If the above doesn't tickle your fancy, you can lay a bet on the time Father Harbaugh (Jack) will be shown during the game: The over/under is set at a conservative 2.5 times.

The standard length of the National Anthem is available for wagering as well. Many bettors remember the debacle that took place when Christina Aguilera made her own rendition of the Anthem, dragging on the end of the song in a noise you'd expect more from a dying cat than a professional musician.

One thing is for sure, whether you're a sharp as nails handicapper or just looking to bet for fun, there are many interesting props that offer value from an entertainment and bankroll padding perspective. To discuss these betting odds with like-minded bettors, swing by the SBR Sportsbook & Industry subforum.

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