Super Bowl Props Betting 101: Choosing the right sportsbook

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Super Bowl Props Betting at SBR

Update: Game day is here. Check out the Super Bowl XLVIII prop bets offered by online sportsbooks. 5Dimes (SBR rating A+) was the first to open up with Super Bowl props, even beating gambling capital Las Vegas to the punch. Sports bettors looking to make the big dance more exciting should visit SBR's Super Bowl Props Betting directory.

What props do I want to play?

Before deciding where to play, potential investors (read: investors, not "gamblers") should define what exactly they are looking for from an online sportsbook. The same applies to individuals based internationally, where betting shops and opportunities are plentiful. If you're looking for an online sportsbook that offers the usual, traditional Super Bowl betting favorites, just about any organization will suffice. However, doing your homework and depositing with a reputable sportsbook will save headaches come withdrawal time. Sportsbook Review has done much of the heavy lifting for you already and have some of the most accurate and unbiased sportsbook ratings in the world. If you're looking for a huge selection of props that are unique to one sportsbook or another, that's where the SBR Super Bowl Prop betting comparison comes into play.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos

It all starts with the historic match. Super Bowl XLVIII will be history whether you win, lose, or draw your bets. So why not at least get the best of it to increase the likelihood that you end up cashing in, which is certain to make the NFL finale more memorable than had you gotten your clock cleaned? The process which you select your football props of choice and how you go about wagering can make that difference.

Before getting to some of the more common and not so common Super Bowl props available, SBR advises sports bettors intent on wagering the big game to do so at the online sportsbook offering the best Super Bowl odds. The chart below dynamically updates: You can bookmark this article and be assured you are looking at current odds from the industry's most prestigious sportsbook companies.

Super Bowl XLVIII Betting Odds:



Now that you have found the sportsbook of your dreams to wager the big game straight up, let's move onto the fun stuff: Super Bowl props.

Coin toss winner: It sounds silly, but folks have clicked their mouses and lost their houses by betting on what's truly a foolish, gimmicky prop. OK, maybe that's a little too extreme, but you get the point. Stay away from this fool's gold prop and move on to the areas you can really spank your bookie. Unless of course you're masochistic, in which case we advise you bet this Super Bowl prop with 5Dimes Sportsbook, who are offering -101 on heads and tails.

Team to score first: You might think this one sounds an awful lot like the coin toss, that is to say left up to chance. You're right, but you can at least use your powers of reasoning to convince yourself one side may be more valuable than the other. For example, the Denver Broncos, led by notoriously conservative coach John Fox, often defer receiving kickoffs to the second half. The Seahawks, led by first-time Super Bowl coach Pete Carroll, are more likely to be charged up and eager to take the ball first. With that in mind, have a look at the average market price for this prop, which is around Denver -120 and Seattle -105. The oddsmakers seem to have it backwards, so a smart play may be to bet this Super Bowl prop with Pinnacle Sportsbook, who are offering Seattle at -102.

Will there be a safety: A safety occurs once every 14 NFL games dating back to 1932. Whip out the calculator, or at least use the one in your head. For those of us who don't have a chip surgically implanted in our head a la Josh Holloway in "Intelligence", it really is most practical to simply compare the betting odds. Bovada currently offers the price on no safety at -1000. The other odds available are at least ¢400 pricier, making this one a no-brainer: Bet this Super Bowl prop with Bovada Sportsbook at -1000.

Score in first 7:30 of game: A high-flying offense vs. a team with a stout defense. The classic battle of today's NFL. This prop is currently spread at just a few online sportsbooks. Bovada is offering the best price on "Yes" at -170, although their wagering limit is lesser than Pinnacle Sports, who offer "Yes" at -190. Pinnacle Sports also offers "No" at ¢21 higher, making the decision easier to bet this Super Bowl prop with Pinnacle Sportsbook.

Length of national anthem: In an unlikely twist, the NFL has chosen opera star Renée Fleming to sing this year's national anthem. We're betting there will be no wardrobe malfunctions this year, not that we're complaining. Fleming figures to be all business, so whenever the betting market for the over/under song length are released, a heavy lean on the under is advisable.

Super Bowl XLVIII MVP: The Most Valuable Player award of the Super Bowl is usually nothing more than a popularity contest, which is to say if Mark Sanchez had been headlining this contest, the trophy would go to somebody else. Peyton Manning is the standout favorite here, maybe even if his squad lost, which would mark the first time a player on the losing side has received the award since 1971 when Chuck Howley did it for the Dallas Cowboys.  If you're a Manning homer, you'll likely want to bet this Super Bowl Prop with BetOnline Sportsbook, who offer the most generous price at +150.

While the above betting props are the most common and popular, the propositions which are of interest to savvy bettors are player performance bets. Online sportsbooks have yet to release player props and are expected to following the conclusion of the unfortunate circus which is now known as the Team Rice vs. Sanders bowl. These props lend themselves to more scientific, stats based approaches, and are typically spread with lower wagering limits than the random luck markets. Be sure to bookmark the SBR Super Bowl Props Betting directory and check back next week closer to game-time for these player props and more.

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