Super Bowl Betting Recap: Late Broncos action spoils day for Sportsbooks

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Online sportsbooks and Las Vegas alike wrote most of their tickets on the Carolina Panthers against the spread and to win outright for the better part of two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

However, a late rush of Denver money caused the point spread to close just one point over the opening line at 4.5 points.

While sportsbooks turned a profit overall, it was not as great of a day as it could have been if the Carolina money would've rolled on into the weekend.

"It's a good day, but kind of disappointing. We had the fastball to hit the grand slam, and we whiffed on it. [It] kind of feels like an opportunity wasted. 17-16 [Carolina] would have been perfect," said MGM vice president of race and sports Jay Rood, according to ESPN.

At one point a few top sportsbooks hung +6 / -6, though for the balance of the two weeks most offered 5 or 5.5 points. In the end, 53% of bettors were on Carolina against the spread courtesy of the data available on SBR Odds.

The total opened at 45.5 points and closed at 43.5 points. Sportsbooks made money overall due to the overall volume of average Joe bettors on the over, though sharps cleaned up with their under tickets.

Prop Betting Outcomes
Von Miller cashed as the Most Valuable Player (MVP): online bettors who wagered early in the week could have received prices as high as 25 to 1, though most betting sites offered Miller in the neighborhood of +1400 at closing.

Orange was the winner in the Gatorade shower market. The average odds returned around +120, meaning a $100 bet returned $125 in profit.

The national anthem was once again not without controversy with Lady Gaga pulling a Christina Aguilera and extending the song with a super long "braveeeeeeeeee"; sportsbooks have already graded the market differently, ruffling the feathers of sports bettors who had tickets ranging from 136.5 seconds to 140 seconds.

The Broncos were the team to score first, cashing +115 tickets for online sports bettors.

Sports bettors won easily on tails in the game's opening coin toss, but lost on the prop bet of the coin toss winner winning the game at -101 odds for Carolina.

Squares Pool Winning Numbers & SBR Contest winners

Q1 Q2
Right-way: 0-0 Right-way: Car 7-3
Wrong-way: 0-0 Wrong-way: Den 7-3
Pareto: 3k points hsh80 & lvherbie: 2k points
Art Vandelay: 3k points dfish & spacefrog: 1k points
Q3 Q4 & final
Right-way: Den 7-6 Right-way: Den 4-0
Wrong-way: Car 7-6 Wrong-way: Car 4-0
packer_d00: 2k points zjohnzzz: 4k points
actiondan: 1k points Cookie Monster: 2k points
HomerSimpson: 2k points whocares: 4k points
stikymess: 1k points tabletka: 2k points

Sportsbook Review will update the newswire as Super Bowl 2016 futures markets are released by online sportsbooks.

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