Super Bowl 50 Squares Pool Announced

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A free Super Bowl Squares pool has been announced at the SBR Posting Forum.

The 100 slots are not expected to last long, so reserve your spot today by enrolling in SBR Contests.

This particular square pool has no entry fee and is open to established SBR Pro members, though an all public squares pool for newbies will be announced soon.

Below is how the Super Bowl 50 squares pool will pay-out:

  • 2,000 betpoints per quarter (right-way score)
  • 1,000 betpoints per quarter (wrong-way score)
  • 2,000 betpoints final (right-way score)
  • 1,000 betpoints per final (wrong-way score)

The betpoints are good for immediate redemption at the Sportsbook Review store.

Players looking to capture all the value for Super Bowl 50 should also take a peak at the Super Bowl props betting directory, which lists every market on tap from top online betting sites.

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675 Pts
665 Pts
380 Pts
310 Pts
165 Pts

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