Super Bowl 50 handle sets new record at Las Vegas Sportsbooks

Super Bowl 50 set the all-time record for sportsbook handle in Nevada, according to figures released by the Nevada State Gaming Control Board.

$132.5 million was staked on the Super Bowl, which beats the previous record of $119.4 million on Super Bowl XVIII between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

While the outcome was not the home run Vegas hoped for given the surge of late Denver money - which caused the line to drop 1.5 points and money line to drop by as much as 30 cents at top sportsbooks - Vegas still made money; $13.3 million, to be exact.

The biggest profit was recorded in the 2014 Super Bowl when $19.6 million was won.

The betting public also made out like bandits with Von Miller cashing as the game's Most Valuable Player (MVP). The line lowered from +2500 to +1400 at some online sportsbooks, and a report by the Las Vegas Sun suggested as much as 10% of wagers were on Miller at some books on the Las Vegas strip.

Nevada Sportsbook Super Bowl Bottom Line Results Last 11 Years
2016—$132.5 million
W/L: Sportsbooks won +$13.3 million (10.1%)
W/L: Sportsbooks won +$3,261,066 (2.8%)
W/L: Sportsbooks won +$19,673,960 (16.5%)
W/L: Sportsbooks won +$7,206,460 (7.3%)
W/L: Sportsbooks won +$5,2064,470 (5.4%)
W/L: Sportsbooks won +$724,176 (0.8%)
W/L: Sportsbooks won +$6,857,101 (8.3%)
W/L: Sportsbooks won +$6,678,044 (8.2%)
W/L: Sportsbooks lost -$2,573,103 (-2.8%)
W/L: Sportsbooks won +$12,930,175 (13.9%)
W/L: Sportsbooks won +$8,828,431 (9.3%)

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