Stryyke sportsbook slowpays on file

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Stryyke (SBR rating D) players have reported 15 payments in the month of February. Stryyke currently owes six players €4962.45 with the oldest payment requested on November 18th. Stryyke maintains that all players are undergoing an account auditing process which includes anti-fraud measures, account verificiation, and other undisclosed analysis. Stryyke has been more active in communications with SBR, which is an encouraging sign for players. Anyone with a current outstanding slowpay against Stryyke is invited to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

Player comments:

I received today my 150 euros from Stryyke. I have 429 euros again on my account, so I withdraw it today. I hold you inform. Thanks a lot for your help.


Yes, my cashout has arrived:). Thank you very very much Lou!


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