Stryyke player reports payment; four new slowpay complaints filed

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A Stryyke (SBR rating D) player has reported payment of €550. The player requested his payment on February 8th. Stryyke has been inconsistent in paying some players before others, blaming the lengthy delays both on the size of their staff and the 'KCY' procedure, a process whereby Stryyke verifies the identity of the account holder. Such a process typically takes one to two business days at most sportsbooks.

Four new Stryyke slowpay complaints have been filed which were requested from April 15th to June of 2009. The players requested €1000, €1770.48, €500, and €3788 respectively. The new complaints bring Stryyke's total owed figure to players up to €13,393.13 with the earliest payment request made on April 15th 2009. SBR will update this report as more players report payment or more slowpay reports are received. Players that have not yet done so are invited to write to SBR for assistance by submitting a sportsbook complaint form.

Player comments:

I made my initial withdrawal in 11.08.2009 of 1770.48 euros to my neteller account. Before that deposits and cashouts have been working perfectly. Problems with this latest withdrawal beginned and they always responded to my emails with automatic message saying that they will proceed my withdrawal as soon as possible.

In 26.11.2009 they suggested that they would pay me in 400 euro increments, one share in every week. The first share was a week late and I never got the second one. After that they cancelled my withdrawal and returned the funds to my Stryyke account. The I made the withdrawal again and now they are not responding to my emails at all.

So as a conclucsion: I have been waiting for my moneys for almost 6 months from Stryyke. They paid me 400 of 1770.48 euros and now they are not responding to me at all.



I made a payout request of 500 euros via moneybookers on 08/02/10 and have been trying to confirm with Stryyke when I can expect this to be processed. Around a week ago they replied to one of many emails I sent with the following:

'Your payout is still in process to be validated. For some security reason, we run our KYC procedures before validating any withdraw.'

I have since asked a few times how long this is likely to take as three weeks in long enough already or if they need me to supply any further documents (have already sent a copy of my passport)to assist the authorisation process.However,have received no response since.

Any help or advice you can offer would be much appreciated.



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