Stryyke payment struggles persist; downgraded to D

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Stryyke has been downgraded to D. On 9/23 SBR initiated Stryyke at D+. Within the first two months of holding the mark at D+, Stryyke resolved five slow pay complaints levied against them by bettors. Since that time, however, Stryyke has accumulated six new slow pay reports totaling €9035 in owed player funds. The earliest request was made on September 1st.

Player comments:

I've already got my accout verified by sending them my passport copy, and made a withdrawal request of 738.55 EUR back to my moneybookers on 14/12/2009. When I made the request, their system said the withdrawal would take 7 working days.

However, it's been 4 weeks and I still haven't received my money.

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