Stryyke management discusses outstanding slowpay cases with SBR

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Stryyke (SBR rating D) has discussed the status of outstanding slowpay complaints with SBR. The sportsbook is based in Malta and claims that due to Malta imposed regulations rigorous checks of players accounts must be complete prior to their first payout. The industry standard in verifying a players identity is one to two business days; some Stryyke players have waited months for payment. Stryyke has attributed the payment delays and length of account verification to the size of their staff. SBR asks that Stryyke updates its website with a revised payment timeline and notate the delays involved until the "KCY" procedure is complete. While Stryyke has shaved down the number of their slowpay complaints, new reports have steadily trickled in. SBR last reported on February 23rd that 12 players are owed a collective €8656.65. As of today Stryyke owes €6384.65 to 8 players with the earliest request made on November 2nd.

Player comments:

I can't believe they deposited the money on my account. I was pretty sure I will never see that money again. I'm sure it happened because SBR help, so thank you very much.

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