Stiffed Apex player hopes for payment by Bet33

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A former Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F) player has written in after reading SBR's report on Jupiter Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) being added to the SBR sportsbook ratings guide. The player maintained a balance of $13,100 at the time Apex closed shop and walked away with players balances. Apex eventually financed a new venture, Bet33 (SBR rating D-). Bet33 opened at the mark of F, however after four years without a no-pay complaint the rating was reassessed. Bet33 has made promises to SBR that it would reopen Apex cases and use its new resources to pay players. Although Apex Sportsbook denied its solvency at the time it shutdown, Bet33 was founded in part by player debt.

Player comments:

Hi guys.  I can't believe there might be a chance at recovering some of this cash.  I'm a former customer of Apex account number ***** and I was owed around $13,100.  I did have a payment plan at one time.  You guys even tracked it on the site along with a few others.  Unfortunately for me, they folded before they ever made a payment.   Please let me know anything else you might need from me.  Thanks again and if I even get a piece of this it would be so great.

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