SportsInteraction (SIA Sportsbook) takes shot at winning sports bettor?

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SportsInteraction (SBR rating C-) refuses to reconsider decision to confiscate player's $15,000 in winnings. The player was told that his account was closed yet was able to wager for an additional five months. SportsInteraction was asked to consider a settlement with the client due to the fact that if the bettor had lost all funds, it would be unlikely the account would be reviewed resulting in a refund. SBR's position has been made clear: SIA allowed the player to risk funds, benefited by the chance to win money from the player, and is responsible for the booked wagers. | Original complaint report

6/15/2007 06:13 PM
sportsinteraction (SBR rating C-) deletes five months of player's wagering activity; states account was supposed to be closed in October 2006. SIA says the player was notified via email on October 8th that his "earnings with us have now exceeded the allowable income on an account" and that his account was closed. The player continued to wager until the end of March, five months after SIA claims they intended to terminate the relationship. The player did not receive his first withdrawal until April 2007. SBR is speaking to SIA management regarding voided wagers that resulted in approximately $15,000 in winnings.

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