Sportsbooks taking bets on Powerball $1.5 billion drawing

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Online sportsbooks are taking bets on the record $1.5 billion Powerball lotto drawing tonight at 11PM ET.

The last drawing held on the 9th of January was the 19th such drawing without a Powerball lotto winner, leading to the eye-popping $1.5 billion up for grabs.

The tax man will grab nine digits off the eventual winner(s), of course.

Online sportsbook 5Dimes will pay 6.5 to 1 ($650 for every $100 risked) if there is no winner after tonight's drawing, which media companies are covering with about the same fervor as Kim Kardashian baby news.

Online sports betting site Bovada will pay 4.5 to 1 ($450 for every $100 risked) if nobody wins.

Both sportsbooks also let you bet the other side: 5Dimes offers the odds of -1000 (risk $1,000 to win $100) on a Powerball lotto winner, whilst Bovada offers -650 (risk $650 to win $100) on a winner.

In other words, bettors who believe there will be a winner pay less vigorish at Bovada, while bettors who are banking on no Powerball lotto are best suited to wager at 5Dimes.

To win the Powerball prize, US lotto players must correctly predict five numbers in any order plus the red Powerball number.

Sportsbook Review will update this article if additional online sportsbooks release Powerball lotto odds.

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