Sportsbooks Reviewed for 2014 MLB Baseball

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Sportsbook Review has updated the best MLB betting baseball lines comparison page. The 2014 season is upon us and ripe with many opportunities to win cash. Before choosing an online sportsbook to wager baseball, be sure to read this article on selecting a sportsbook and how to measure which company offers the most bang for your buck. This covers the best Sportsbook Dimelines of 2014.

What is a dimeline?

A dimeline refers to a baseball line where a sportsbook charges about a 5% commission on a PK em line, resulting in a 10¢ spread between the favorite and underdog price. For example, if the Yankees vs. Braves line is -130 / +120, you are wagering an MLB dimeline.

Why is it important when betting baseball?

An MLB dimeline is essential for wagering baseball. It is hard enough to correctly predict the outcome of games over the course of a 162-game season, sacrificing value to the sportsbook by accepting an inferior line than what's available at the rest of the market can literally make the difference between a losing season, break-even, or profitable one.

How much could you save or lose?

Tens of thousands over the course of enough time betting MLB. It also depends on your average wager size. The below examples will help illustrate how much accepting worse odds can add up.

Bookmaker A:
Oakland: -165
San Diego: +155

Bookmaker B:
Oakland: -180
San Diego: +160

You only have to risk $165 at Bookmaker A to win $100. If you're playing at Bookmaker B, however, you have to risk an additional $15 to win $100. Not only does risking the extra $15 pay nothing extra at Bookmaker B, you will lose $15 more every time you accept a line that is similarly priced. Multiply this by the hundreds or more of wagers you intend to make over the course of a season and this truly adds up.

Which sportsbooks offer the best MLB pricing?

#1: Pinnacle Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) charges the lowest commission on MLB wagers. The best baseball lines chart shows that Pinnacle charges 8¢ up to -112, 10¢ up to -136 . Pinnacle does not accept customers based in the US.

#2 5Dimes Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) is the clear next best choice for betting MLB and has fewer country restrictions. 5Dimes also offers their dimeline all the way through wagers priced at -199. 5Dimes also have nickel overnight lines and is the only sportsbook which offers dimeline on totals and run-lines.

#3. Heritage Sports (SBR rating A) offers an 8¢ line up to -108, a 9¢ line up to -116, and a 10¢ line up to -133. Heritage is also offering 4¢ overnight lines throughout April, as well as unique 3-way lines.

#4. YouWager Sportsbook (SBR rating B) offers a 10¢ line up to -191, a 13¢ line up to -195, and a 20¢ line up to -240. This combined with YouWager's ongoing bonus promotions and loyalty perks make the shop a very attractive option for the seasoned MLB bettor and newbie alike.

#5 BetOnline Sportsbook (SBR rating A) offers a 10¢ line up to -199, a 15¢ line up to -239, and a 20¢ line up to -279. BetOnline has also made significant strides in their in-play betting system and mobile offerings over the course of the last year.

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