Sportsbooks with Poker Rooms: What You Need to Know

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Online sportsbooks with poker rooms can be sensitive to account activity that players may believe is innocuous, but are easy triggers to prompt a manual account review and/or possible suspension.

Do Not Play with a House Guest
For example, while playing poker with a buddy who is visiting may sound harmless, when another player joins the table, this is a major red flag for possible collusion.

Players should never knowingly play at the same table or in the same tournament as another guest in their household.

The Dangers of Playing Online with Friends Against Others
Additionally, players that are online friends or friends in real life may want to be careful at always playing the same games with one another, especially if they have a tendency to "soft play" one another, that is not to aggressively attempt to take their friend's money, because this might trigger a collusion review from the risk management department of poker rooms.

Playing on Tilt
While most every poker player on the universe has experienced tilt, which is a loss of control that typically follows suffering a bad beat at the tables or a loss in the sportsbook or casino, badly misplaying hands or forcing the action might look like an intentional transfer of chips to another account-holder, referred to as a "chip dump".

Transferring Chips at the Poker Tables
As touched on in the bullet point above, transferring chips intentionally by folding a winning hand will be identified at most all poker rooms eventually. Chip dumping can be a way of distributing funds between accounts which were ill-gotten or tied to deposits that won't ever clear, so doing this is a sure-fire way of raising the antennas of the fraud department.

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