Sportsbooks in NJ by 2013? Professor I. Nelson Rose's take

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Professor I. Nelson Rose of joins SBR to discuss the possibility of Atlantic City casinos accepting sports betting wagers by New Jersey's proposed date of January 9th, 2013. During his interview with SBR's Natalie Rydström, Professor Rose also expands on potential political motives for outspoken NJ Gov. Chris Christie.

NJ State Senator Raymond Lesniak expressed confidence during his interview with SBR that New Jersey's plans would not be halted by the lawsuit filed by the four major pro sports leagues and the NCAA, citing Nevada accepting sports wagers without causing damages to the sports leagues. Professor Rose has a slightly different take and illustrates a point not mentioned by the Senator.

"One of the arguments they will raise that Senator Lesniak didn't address is what happens if New Jersey starts taking bets and then a court later declares it's illegal - what happens to the winnings and losses? That's what the NFL did that prevented Delaware from starting heads-up sports betting."

Delaware does have an exemption under federal statute The Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act ("PASPA") of 1992, as it is one of the four states along with Nevada, Oregon, and Montana that are able to accept sports wagers. Delaware sportsbooks are able to accept parlay style wagering on sports events.

Professor Rose commented on the possibility that Governor Chris Christie is spearheading this sports betting push to bolster his image as a fearless politician, perhaps scoring points among Republicans ahead of the 2016 US Presidential election.

"Gambling is seen as a painless tax, a way to raise money without raising taxes, and that helps him a lot, and standing up (to unions), having the reputation of somewhat as a bully. That helps his image also," said Professor Rose.

Professor Rose believes that should New Jersey be successful in offering sports betting in their casinos by 2013 that other states could follow suit, though the possibility of criminal charges would be a major deterrent until the smoke clears in Atlantic City.

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