Sportsbooks Listed by Parlay Payouts

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Parlay wagering is an incredibly fun method of sports betting that involves multiple outcomes for higher payoffs.

Both recreational and professional players alike use this form of betting to simultaneously have action on ongoing games for higher payouts than what would be received wagering on each game straight up and winning.

For example, a player can wager a $100 on five NFL games starting at 1PM ET and win up to $2,500 if all five games win, whereas the player would not have that return for the investment of $100 spread across all five games individually.

Not all online sportsbooks are created equal for parlay betting value. Sportsbook Review has created a grid showing betting sites with the best parlay odds in an easy to read format showing which betting sites are best depending on how many teams are included in the parlay. A parlay calculator is also featured on the page allowing bettors to measure true odds vs. the payout offered at each betting site.

To read more about parlay betting, visit the How to Bet On Sports page.

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