Sportsbooks first to release UFC 175 odds

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UFC 175 is the next major upcoming Pay-Per-View event in the world of mixed martial arts. In a packed card that features Chris Weidman as a nearly 2.5 to 1 favorite against Lyoto Machida, as well as another appearance from undefeated womens star Ronda Rousey. The UFC betting directory shows that a few sportsbooks have already established betting odds, while the rest of the market has yet to do so.

Among the first online sportsbooks to set betting odds has been Bovada, 5Dimes and sister sportsbook Sportbet, as well as Sportsinteraction and SBG Global (caution to readers, SBG Global is in poor standing by SBR).

Advantage of betting lines early vs. closer to fight night

UFC sports bettors as well as fans that may potentially wish to throw down a bet on all the major prize fights would be wise to keep some funds available in sportsbooks that are known for spreading early lines. The reason is simple: If you have properly nailed an event by handicapping all angles and feel confident that you have set a number in your head you believe has value - you have the opportunity to feast off on betting odds that have most likely not been hammered by professional sports bettors who may see the event the same way. For example, if you and Billy Walters both saw an event the exact same way, would you think that by waiting until the night of the fight and five minutes before the opening bell that a number worth betting is still floating around? Most likely not.

Surveying the SBR team of analysts, as well as the sportsbook managers of prominent industry sportsbooks, the consensus is clear: By picking off numbers before they have a chance to mature with the rest of the market, you are giving yourself a small edge that over time will amount to padding your bankroll. There's an old saying - if you don't think small edges matter over time, walk down any street on the strip in Las Vegas and glance up.

Which sportsbook currently offer the best odds on Weidman vs. Machida?

The market average line for Chris Weidman to defeat Lloyto Machida and continue his impressive unbeaten run is -227. This means that for every $227 risked, you would add $100 in profit. However, as with any average, individual shops may offer a significantly worse or better line than their competitors. This is where line shopping plays a crucial role. By taking a look at the UFC betting directory, we can see that of the sportsbooks offered, Bovada currently has the best line on Weidman at -225. Conversely, Sportbet has the highest payoff for betting underdog Lyoto Machida with their +206 payoff (betting $100 returns $206 in profit).

In case you think it sounds like too much legwork to follow odds movements to get a bet down, not to worry. The side by side odd grids for outright winner on the UFC betting directory update in real time without so much as a page refresh necessary; in other words, as soon as an online sportsbook updates one of their numbers, the price on that fighter will flash red to notify you of the change. It is also fairly common for online sportsbooks to update their numbers based on what competitors are doing, so if you see that one shop has moved the line against the side you wish to bet, you would likely get a number by waiting for your own sportsbook to adjust their UFC betting odds.

SBR Odds for UFC Markets

In addition to the UFC Betting directory, users can check out the UFC Betting Odds league page on SBR Odds. The feeds dynamically update per the odds changes for each of the online sportsbooks listed on the page. SBR is continually investing in the quality of the product and ensuring that SBR Odds remains the fastest free line monitoring service on the net.

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