Sportsbooks: Donald Trump President Odds improving

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Despite controversial remarks concerning Mexicans, the odds on Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States have actually improved.

Online sportsbooks opened Trump as a 66 to 1 long shot, but have since adjusted these political betting odds to as a low as 25 to 1.

Sportsbook Review created a political betting page for the upcoming 2016 US Presidential election. There is expected to be a large amount of line movement between now and next November, so sports bettors and handicappers who feel they have an edge may want to strike now.

There are presently over 10 betting markets listed, including winning party, winning candidate, and a variety of other exotic proposition wagers.

The following is a list of two way presidential markets at online sports betting website 5Dimes (SBR rating A+):

951 Hillary Clinton wins Election  +100 
952 Field wins Presidential Election  -140 
953 Jeb Bush wins Election  +325 
954 Field wins Presidential Election  -475 
955 Marco Rubio wins Election  +700 
956 Field wins Presidential Election  -1500 
957 Scott Walker wins Election  +1300 
958 Field wins Presidential Election  -3000 
959 Rand Paul wins Election  +2200 
960 Field wins Presidential Election  -6600 
961 Bernie Sanders wins Election  +1300 
962 Field wins Presidential Election  -3000 
963 Joe Biden wins Election  +4000 
964 Field wins Presidential Election  -16000 
967 Martin O'Malley wins Election  +4000 
968 Field wins Presidential Election  -16000 
969 Donald Trump wins Election  +2500 
970 Field wins Presidential Election  -7500 
971 Republican wins Presidential Election  +130 
972 Democrat wins Presidential Election  -150 

Players should stay tuned for more political betting odds swings and other pertinent information that might help with recording a profit on the 2016 US Presidential Election.

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