Sportsbooks adjust political betting markets, SBR page updated

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Eleven sportsbooks are offering proposition betting markets on the outcome of the 2016 November election.

Since SBR last announced the political betting page, the market on Donald Trump has shifted by 40% as Trump's odds were changed from an average of +2500 to +1500.

Online sportsbook 5Dimes is presently offering the highest payout on Trump.

Below is a snapshot of the current sportsbook President odds compared to the odds one month ago. The change column reflects how the line has been adjusted by sportsbooks. When the odds get bigger this is reflected as a positive change, keep in mind that although the odds are getting bigger this signifies the candidate is less likely to win. The more a sportsbook subtracts from the number, the more likely the candidate is to win the election, and this is reflected as a negative percentage.

Candidate Current Sportsbook Odds Odds One Month Ago Change +/-
Hillary Clinton -110 +100 -10%
Jeb Bush +305 +325 -7%
Marco Rubio +1000 +700 30%
Scott Walker +1300 +1300 0%
Donald Trump +1500 +2500 -40%
Rand Paul +1800 +2200 -19%
Bernie Sanders +1250 +1300 4%
Elizabeth Warren +8500 +8200 4%
Ted Cruz +4000 +3800 5%
Joe Biden +3500 +3200 9%
Martin O'Malley +7000 +6500 8%
Chris Christie +3500 +3500 0%
Michael Bloomberg +1000 +1000 0%
Mike Huckabee +600 +550 9%
Rick Perry +7500 +8000 -7%
Ben Carson +2500 +2250 10%
Bobby Jindal +1000 +950 5%

Sportsbook Review will keep readers updated on the presidential betting odds swings and the variety of market props released ahead of next year's election.

While the November 2016 election may seem far into the future, sports bettors know that they can traditionally find the most value a year plus out if they have a good read on how the market might fluctuate in the coming months.

Sports bettors who believe for example that Trump has no shot at winning will likely hope the market keeps increasing his chances so that they can load up on and bet on the other side at a price that was 80% better than the opening line indicated.

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