Sportsbook takes bets on Trump saying "Black Lives Matter"

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The Republican National Convention for the 2016 POTUS election is now underway.

Donald Trump, who will be named as the party's nominee tomorrow at 5:30PM ET, is the subject of a few cleverly worded prop bets at online sportsbook 5Dimes (SBR rating A+).

These proposition wagers have been added to the political prop bets directory at Sportsbook Review, and are listed below.

The prop bets center around Trump's acceptance speech, which will come Thursday at 9:45PM ET prime-time.

The betting site has offered Trump mentioning "Black Lives Matter" at a +330 payoff, meaning that for every $100 risked, a bettor would add $330 to his bankroll. Trump uttering the name "LeBron James" results in a +220 return. A small fortune can be won with a substantial bet on Trump not saying "Obamacare" during his acceptance speech at the odds of +700.

Donald Trump Acceptance Speech: Odds
Trump says "Black Lives Matter"
Trump does not say "Black Lives Matter"
Yes +330
No -490
Trump says "Bernie Sanders"
Trump does not say "Bernie Sanders"
Yes -135
No -105
Trump says "LeBron James"
Trump does not say "LeBron James"
Yes +220
No -300
Trump says "Obamacare"
Trump does not say "Obamacare"
Yes -1500
No +700

Next President Betting
Meanwhile as far as regular election odds go, betting sites have Hillary Clinton around a -250 betting favorite, so a $250 wager is needed to pocket $100.

A Trump victory this November offers a +210 payoff.

There are even still odds on Bernie Sanders becoming the next President which operate under the assumption that there is still some possibility charges could come against Hillary Clinton, despite the recent headlines that Clinton would not face charges for her email controversy. These odds are priced at an astronomical +8000 or 80 to 1.

By line shopping for the best political odds using Sportsbook Review, players can make sure they are getting the best of it this upcoming election.

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