Sportsbook scam alert on WagerMadness

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WagerMadness (SBR rating F) has been added to the sportsbook blacklist. WagerMadness is run on the same platform as notorious no-pay scam sportsbook BetCascade (SBR rating F). SBR urges players to avoid the sportsbook and take note of the SBR ratings guide. BetCascade Sportsbook owes players millions of dollars.

BetCascade continues to maintain its domain as normal, offering live support, email, and telephone customer service. BetCascade attempts to reel in unsuspecting players unaware of the sportsbook's inability to pay.

In May of 2010, SBR reported that BetCascade added another victim. BetCascade scammed the player out of his $1,532 balance. The player did not realize that BetCascade was an F-rated sportsbook on the SBR sportsbook blacklist.

The summer prior, SBR reported that was continuing to solicit new players despite being unable to pay. The report began with the story from a player who deposited to the sportsbook in October of 2008. He lost his first few deposits until going on a hot streak and increasing his balance to $4,000. The player began to Google BetCascade looking for other player reviews as he ran into a wall when attempting to withdraw his funds. The player then came across the SBR review of BetCascade and realized that the sportsbook owed millions of dollars to former players.

BetCascade player: "I had been playing with Cascade since last Oct.09,without any problems at all.Well, would it have anything to do with not cashing in a winning ticket?I went broke with that offshore at least 4 or 5 times. The figure now stands at 4000.53. Of course I heard nothing, now I am reaching out to SBR for help!"

BetCascade's sportsbook rating was lowered from D- to F in September of 2007 after accumulating hundreds of thousands in slow-pays.

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