Sportsbook scam alert -, steal bettors' funds

Share with: (unrated) is unable to pay players. The admission of insolvency was made by a company representative on TheRXforum, a forum that advertised SynBet as a platinum sponsor. On August 16th, 2011, head moderator "Wilheim" publicly introduced the unheard of sportsbook to forum users. SynBet primarily targeted US bettors, while sister outfit PulseBet focused on the European market. The two sportsbooks were hosted on the same server and shared wagering software as well as customer support numbers.

On November 1st, 2011, a SynBet company representative posted that players would not be paid. The 143 word statement, which attributed blame to processors, was the last public appearance from a SynBet representative. Both players and SBR have attempted to contact SynBet and PulseBet by phone and live support - those channels of communication appear to be offline, although both sportsbooks continue to post lines each day.

SynBet and PulseBet players have written the SBR mailbox to detail a range of sportsbook complaints, as well as voiced their complaints directly at TheRX. | Read SynBet & PulseBet complaints

SynBet player owed €700:

I registered at synbet about 3 weeks ago, deposited 100 euros,made 700 euros in a week. I requested a withdrawal, and the fun began - excuses,not replying to e-mails.I believe on 19th September and I'm yet to receive these funds,I've been promised many times that they will pay me in 24 to 32 hours, but they didn't. I've sent e-mails, but didn't get replies.

SynBet player with voided wager reinstated as a loss: 

At 6:57EST 10/25 I placed a $1999.99 wager into their system on the detriot Red wings with -185 odds, which had a status of "awaiting" after I placed my bet. Knowing these are reviewed, I went to chat immediately to verify that the wager would be accepted. However, they waited 5 minutes until the game started and at that point told me "your wager unforunately was n ot accepted by our bookmakers, the game has already started." At this point, my bet showed a status of VOID and refund under the profit tab, and my account was at its original balance. The red wings lost, and my balance was still at its original level even after the game ended. Today I checked my account whoever was in management reviewing accounts at the end of the day decided to go back and undo the void, and my wager was counted as LOST.

PulseBet player with cancelled withdrawals:

Made a deposit,cleared a bonus, asked for the withdrawal ,received an email a week ago to send them id+proof of address, i've sent 6 days ago -no response from them till now (previosly they've been responding in less than an hour),live chat everytime telling me that support will contact me soon and that is all they can do for now ,furthermore i've asked for the payout twice it was sent back to pulsebet account


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