Sportsbook Scam Alert - CreditWagering fraud

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CreditWagering sportsbook (sportsbook rating F) burns another player. In November, the player opened his account and began to wager. CreditWagering extends players $1,000 upfront and requires that they complete a 3X rollover prior to making any withdrawal. If a player is down $400 or more after his first week of playing, CreditWagering requires that the player settle for that amount in order to resume playing. Players who pay are promised 15% back on their settlement amount. The attractive proposition has lured in many players, some of whom that have no intention to pay should they lose their first $400, and some innocent players that had settled up when they owed. | CreditWagering Report

Payout complaints
CreditWagering players have reported fifteen no-pay complaints.

The most recent complaint was reported by a player that asked for a $900 withdrawal on January 3rd. The player states that he waited for two months to receive a debit card in the mail, which he was led to believe would be loaded immediately with his winnings. After requesting payment, the funds never came. The player provided a quote from CreditWagering management that states that the player should exercise "patience".

CreditWagering sportsbook:

In terms of your money owed, If you can be a little patient you will see things a little different in February.

The empty promise from CreditWagering rings hollow in the ears of the other fourteen players who have been waiting for payments since May of 2010. CreditWagering's slow-pay amount has been increased to $23,230.

CreditWagering player:

A friend of mine referred me to sports book review where I recently joined and he said you guys might be able to help me. I have been having problems with I have been betting since November and haven't received $1. It took them months just to send me a debit card which they have failed to ever put any money on. I have a $900 withdraw that has been pending since Jan 3rd which is the first time they actually let me request a withdrawal since it took months for me to even receive a debit card. My current balance with them is 3,776.85 and I told them I will not wager with them again until I receive the $900 withdrawal I requested weeks ago. I saved every email I have ever had with them. They lied to me over and over about the card saying it will be a maximum of 10 business days when I requested the card on November 29th. They then told me once I received the card to give them the number on the card so that they could deposit on it right away with the cards being loaded on Fridays. This site has just been giving me the complete run around over and over. I followed all the rules and would've rightfully paid them if I lost $400 or more in a week. I just want what's rightfully mine. I wish I knew about your forum before I started wagering on this site. I would've never used it based upon the poor ratings. If there is anyway you can help me out in anyway that would be great.

If you have been scammed by CreditWagering, submit a sportsbook complaint form to get your story heard.

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