Sportsbook scam alert: 105Vig peddling no-deposit bonuses and credit lines

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Sportsbook scam alert: (SBR rating D-) is offering bettors a $100 freeplay to try out their website. The sportsbook is hosted on a web-server based in New York and shares the same remote address as a number of
handicapping services. uses an unencrypted login, offers no customer support email address or phone number, and currently has betting odds on one NFL game this weekend. 105Vig's appears to be powered by basic HTML webpage - not industry-grade betting software. A number of users reported on SBRforum that the unheard of website offered a $500 credit line if the no-deposit bonus was lost. SBR has added 105Vig to the sportsbooks blacklist at D- and advises users to avoid the anonymous outfit.

105Vig user feedback in the SBRforum Sportsbook & Industry section:



SBRforum poster 'KBWins': Well my first week of credit was over with them and i was up $239.75 on the week. Sure enough right after the SNF game I got an email asking for my PP email and was soon sent the full funds and they paid the fees. I'm just giving credit where credit is due. I'm very happy with my experience so far.

SBRforum poster 'VegasInsider': I took the $500 credit and ran it to over $1,600 first week. Today is settle up day. Sent them an email, we'll see what happens buy I'm guessing there is a 5% chance they send my $1,100+

SBRforum poster 'secretstash': The freeplay change is a complete joke.. this book was a scam from the get-go.. deposit(s)/loss(es) only sorry vi.. but doubt u will be paid.. although i hope u do, since ur in the first wave of clients. and their plans will be ruined if u dont





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