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Sportsbook Review (SBR) offers many website features designed with the online sports bettor in mind.

From a free live odds platform to game predictions, video analysis, and a 400,000 member strong posting forum community, there is a lot to get lost in.

However, the mission statement of Sportsbook Review is to ensure that bettors have every resource needed to avoid being conned by scam sportsbooks, and to be able to effectively shop for quality bookmakers using the sportsbook rating guide.

As the NFL playoffs continues into the homestretch toward Super Bowl 50, there starts to be a very tangible difference between sports betting sites ratings.

Sportsbooks rated from C to D traditionally take longest to pay players during this time, especially post Super Bowl, while sportsbooks in the upper echelon of online betting sites continue to churn out payouts with the same efficacy.

Like clockwork each year Sportsbook Review receives player complaints from the latest crop of low rated betting site players who have found out the hard way that depositing with a brand new site for an attractive bonus is simply not worth the hassle.

Because most players who primarily wager NFL want a payout post-Super Bowl, sportsbooks with shaky financial standing can struggle most during this window, and can even continue to struggle through the start of MLB season. This is precisely why sports bettors should stick with  top online sportsbooks with proven track records of paying on-time no matter the time of year.

Online sports bettors in need of assistance can submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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