Sportsbook Rating Guide: Most Popular Filter Searches

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The online sportsbooks rating guide lists 217 sports betting sites. Sportsbooks carry ratings from a scale of A+ to F.

Users can refine their search for a sportsbook by several categories. SBR has tailored the sidebar of the rating guide with a number of filters that have been requested by users allowing for a more intuitive process comparing sportsbooks. This gives players an Amazon-like shopping experience. Choosing an online sportsbook is no different than choosing a new brokerage account in that information is key to making an educated choice.

The most popular searches according to user behavior are broken down in the list below along with shortcut links on accessing each filter.

Countries Accepted
Whether you are hailing from Canada or the United Kingdom, or any other country, users can order their results by sportsbooks that accept players from their region. SBR urges players to be informed of the gaming laws in their region before making transactions with any gaming company.

SBR Rating
One does not need to be a sports betting expert to understand that a business rated F is the outright worst and should be avoided. A- or above is the second most popular filter selected by SBR Forum users.

Bank Options
Whether you are searching for a sportsbook that accepts bitcoin or any other option, the rating guide allows players to compare betting sites by the depth and variety of their cashier in an age where making a transaction is not as easy as it used to be.

Website Age
The "4 year or more" website filter is the fourth most popular option. Betting sites that have stood the test of time and maintained their standing with the communtiy are the most likely outfits to offer a positive user experience and not give a player a headache when it is time to process a withdrawal.

Sportsbook Bonus
The fifth most filtered item is the sportsbook bonus filter for a 10% or higher bonus for creating a brand new betting account. Bettors can easily shop for sportsbook bonuses among betting sites rated over a certain level, and can mix and match filters according to their preferences.

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