Sportsbook Rating Guide: How Ratings Are Set

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Sports gamblers looking for a new betting site can find a list of over 200 companies using the sportsbook rating guide.

Ratings are assessed for each company after a careful process whereby SBR analyzes each sportsbook and considers their operational strength, financial track record and history of paying players on time, standing with relevant gaming licensing bodies, and how much value the company provides to a player.

Sportsbooks are continually looking for new and updated ways to keep players engaged; the industry has seen the adoption of bitcoin as a means for individuals to place a deposit and withdrawal with more ease and for less cost, the integration of niche wagering markets such as eSports, and a steady increase of exotic and prop wagers to keep players coming back for more.

Players can use the sportsbook rating guide to find sportsbooks based on all of the features in an Amazon like shopping experience.

The industry's standout companies are shown in the best sportsbooks list and hold the highest of SBR ratings.

SBR welcomes feedback from users on their experiences with sportsbooks — whether good, bad, or indifferent — and users who are in need of assistance with a sports betting site are encouraged to submit a sportsbook complaint form to document the problem to Sportsbook Review.

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