Sportsbook Rating Change: Topbet Lowered to D

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A Topbet Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player requested a $2,000 payout via cheque on January 12.

He has emailed numerous times inquiring on the status of his payout.

Three hours after his latest email, the player was contacted by Topbet via telephone and offered a bonus in exchange for cancelling his withdrawal. This is the third report of Topbet offering players bonuses for cancelling an overdue payout request.

Additionally, the player was told that "bitcoin isn't available for withdrawals", though players have reported being paid with bitcoin after dealing with delays through other methods.

Topbet Sportsbook Player: "Hello, I requested a payout of $2,000 on January 12. I completed all of the verification forms that topbet requires. On January 14th the $2,000 dollars was taken out of my account. It is now February 24th. I have not received a check. I have emailed them multiple times asking when to expect a payout, etc. I have been given no time table, only a generic response of them waiting for the processor. I just recently emailed them. They called me about 3 hours later asking me to receive a bonus if I cancel the payout. I then told them no I want my money. I asked if they had a bitcoin option to pay me with. They told me the bitcoin option isn't available for withdraws [sic]. Please help me get my money."

Topbet had previously received an upgrade to D+ after clearing a batch of outstanding payouts and telling SBR that players who don't want to wait for cheques could simply switch to bitcoin. The rollout of this has been spotty with players reporting off and on service, and the increase in reports of players being offered bonuses for cancelling their withdrawals coupled with payment delays is not an encouraging sign for players. Topbet has been lowered again to D and will remain at this level until it demonstrates better payment processing.

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