Sportsbook Rating Change: EFBet to D+

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Update 10/6 3:00PM ET: EFBet management has since claimed that the policy was changed two days to ago to stop voiding bets after legitimate market movement, though players who had winning bets voided will not be credited.

Online sportsbook EFBet has been lowered from C to D+.

Players have submitted complaints on several occasions alleging that EFBet has voided their wagers on the grounds of "pricing errors" despite the odds being in-line with recent market averages. This is commonly referred to as linesmen falling asleep at the wheel.

EFBet management have addressed the practice with Sportsbook Review and noted that their lines managers are following company protocol, though this is a not standard practice. Failing to adjust markets after standard line movement should never result in a voided bet.

A player who wagered on a German soccer match on October 1 has filed a complaint seeking the assistance of Sportsbook Review.

EFBet Player: "Hello, on 01.10.2016 at 14:37 I placed a bet on Wurzburger Kickers against Frohnlach in Germany Bayern Liga North with 300€. The bet was accepted by Efbet. Afterward they changed the odds to 1.28 and I placed another 140€ (bet) which was also accepted. Afterward they send [sic] me a mail that the first bet wasn't accepted due to a wrong price. This price couldn't be wrong because a lot of other books had the same odds and even Efbet only changed it from 1.35 to 1.28."

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