Sportsbook Rating Change: to C+

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Bitcoin exclusive sportsbook has been upgraded from C to C+.

The betting site last had its rating adjusted from C- to start the year in January after resolving a handful of negative items submitted by players at the time. Most recently, Betcoin addressed a live betting issue on June 22 where a player profited after taking advantage of a software error that he later helped Betcoin troubleshoot and resolve.

Betcoin was first introduced to the sportsbook rating guide in July of 2015 at the mark of C.

Unlike most bitcoin gaming sites which prefer to remain in large part anonymous, management at the betting site have been available in discussing player feedback submitted to Sportsbook Review and have expressed a willingness to transparently address issues moving forward.

Betcoin users with feedback are encouraged to write to

SBR encourages bettors looking to become more familiar with using bitcoin to watch the four-part bitcoin webinar released earlier in the year. Bitcoin allows players to fund betting sites in a quick and easy manner.

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