Sportsbook Payouts: Share Feedback in Monthly Report Thread

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Sportsbook Review encourages online sports bettors to share their payout experience.

A dedicated forum thread has been established for players to log their payouts from online betting sites on a monthly basis.

Players are also free to disclose the method of the payment and the amount of fees paid on their withdrawal.

The SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum also contains player created discussion on which sportsbooks are giving the best service currently.

Online sportsbooks are judged, rightly so, by their ability to pay quickly and on-time.

Sports betting sites that are unable to serve player payouts in an efficient manner or within the time-frames advertised on their websites maintain lower standing with players and consequently a lower sportsbook rating. Sportsbooks that are consistently behind on withdrawals are grouped in the worst sportsbook blacklist.

The top 5 results of the latest SBR Forum top sportsbook poll are displayed in the top right of this article, as well as above the posting forum, and on pages throughout the SBR Picks website.

Players in need of assistance receiving payment from an online sports betting site are encouraged to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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