Sportsbook Payouts post-Super Bowl: What to expect

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Online sportsbooks are judged first and foremost on their ability to pay quickly.

Sportsbooks with the best customer service departments in the world and with the most advantageous sportsbook bonuses will never make their way to the top of public opinion if they are a pain in the rear to fund or be paid from.

It starts with expectation.

Some players expect to fund their sports betting account once for a season and to take a payout at the conclusion of the season. Others like to deposit and withdraw frequently or as often as necessary, either to move funds between sportsbooks, or to make withdrawals to leave less money in their betting accounts.

Because players have different needs, there are also a different set of expectations had by players. A player who likes to move funds in and out rapid fire style will not want to wait over a week to get paid, because time is money, whereas a player who is less concerned on withdrawing like clockwork will not sweat as the clock ticks assuming the time-frame is reasonable.

With a good online sportsbook, payouts are often hassle-free. Processing issues can occur, and time-frame averages are just that, but the large majority of the time a sportsbook considered among the industry's best pays the quickest and most reliably of all betting sites.

Post-Super Bowl, however, there is often a run on the bank so to speak with a majority of seasonal football bettors cashing in their chips until next year. Because of this, it is typical that the average time-frame to get paid may increase. At the top sportsbooks, this is less of an issue, but with sportsbooks in the D to C range, there can be severe delays as less deposits come in to in turn process player withdrawals: this is referred to as "operating on the float".

Players who have concerns on the standing of their sportsbook or its ability to pay in an efficient manner should not wait until the Super Bowl is over to request their balances, it is a much better idea to request payment now while there is still a surge of new player deposits for wagering the NFL playoffs.

A simple way of looking at sportsbook ratings and payouts is academia. The sportsbook rating guide uses letter-based rating systems, whereby A+ is considered absolute best, and F the worst of the worst. Post-Super Bowl, a sportsbook closer to F may take weeks or longer to pay, where the top online sportsbooks should take days or less, especially if bitcoin is offered as a cashier option.

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