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San José, Costa Rica — SBR.TV's Judie Russell provides a weekly recap of the latest sportsbook industry news. | Video Transcript



On February 28th, Parlaymakers was downgraded to F and added to the SBR sportsbook blacklist, after going offline without making any arrangements to pay their players. SBR received eight sportsbook complaints from players who are collectively owed more than 16 thousand dollars. Since the closure Dimeline Sportsbook, with a SBR rating of D+, has agreed to credit up to $1,000 to Parlaymaker players that were affected however these players must complete a 10 time rollover. SBR can confirm that five players have already been credited by Dimeline.


On Monday, March 21st SBR received a sportsbook complaint regarding BetHorizon, a B- rated book, regarding a player who deposited $350 by credit card, quickly increased his balance to $2,015 and then discovered that his entire balance was voided after he failed to submit his credit card paperwork within 48 hours of his deposit. BetHorizon originally argued that that they require all players who deposit via credit card to submit their documents within 24 hours of their deposit and had every right to shut the account without further discussion. BetHorison's upper Management has since reviewed the situation and agreed that it is unethical for the sportsbook to choose not to pay a player who gets off to a winning start citing their documents submission rule. The players account has since been reinstated and the rule is expected to be reviewed and updated.

Oddsmaker Sportsbook (SBR rating F) began openly confiscating winnings from all players that are determined to be sophisticated bettors with their definition of non-recreational play appearing to be nothing more than a bettor who wins more than he loses. SBR received reports from 12 players with over $186,000 seized from them by the scam book. Oddsmaker was quickly downgraded to an F rated book but it continues to operate and is reportedly spending more than one million dollars annually on marketing campaigns apparently targeting lower to middle class income apartment complexes with promotional flyers and and packages containing their "free" cash offers. So warn your friends and families to avoid such scams and contact if you think you might be a target of such misconduct.

And finally some good news, An SBRforum poster has won a life-changing $139,756 at A+ rated sportsbook Bookmaker. The player risked only $500 and claimed that his ten team parlay win didn't even cause him to break a sweat as he was optimistic about his combination of NBA, NHL and CBB games and totals And in the end only one of the games was close. The lucky player is planning to donate part of the winnings to Japan Earth Quake Relief.

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