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In today's iGaming News video update, host Natalie Rydstrom reports on the latest items from the Sportsbook news feed. Show topics include the recent SBR player advisory to carefully choose their bookmaker and not simply to be blinded by the size of the starter bonus, as well as a couple of updates on chronic slow-pay industry betting sites.

Many experienced sportsbook users realise it can be quite difficult to maintain a winning streak. These players have been around the block and look for opportunities to safely pad their bankrolls. This traditionally consists of scouting out bonus and free bet opportunities, looking for situations that offer what’s called EV or expected value. With the ease of moving in and out using popular eWallet providers such as Skrill and Neteller, it’s not a tall task at all for players to suss out value and have a go. However, many of these players end up scammed and losing their deposits or going through headaches due to the quality of the bookmaker they’ve chosen. That’s where SBR comes in. SBR first advises players to understand many established sportsbooks have already built their empires and don’t feel the need to keep lowering the sticker prices to attract business, they’ve already got loads. Don’t roll the dice on an unknown quantity simply for an extra 20% when you might not be paid at all. Use resources like the Sportsbook Review ratings guide, recommended list, and file complaints with SBR if you need any help.

A Globet Sportsbook player has submitted a sportsbook payout complaint. The user put in a payment request of 624 euros on November 17th. The player, like many others who have voiced their frustration was expecting to receive his funds within the advertised time of 2-3 working days. That was not the case. Globet provided no information on when he will be paid. The player filed a complaint with SBR after noting that some users who have done so since received payment. Globet management generally responds within two weeks. While it is a good sign that they take the time to acknowledge complaints and process payouts for the quote unquote squeaky wheels, the total number of players owed is unknown. SBR has asked Globet to speak on the record regarding the source of their payout delays or why they continually advertise a time-frame they do not expect to meet, but Globet has declined those requests.

The BTG Global NV family of sportsbooks remain on the SBR blacklist for their accumulation of slow-pay complaints. SBR reported previously that a Dimeline Sportsbook player has been waited to receive 2,400 dollars since February 1st. Dimeline closed the user's account after becoming angered by negative feedback on the company posted on the SBR message board. SBR first reported on the Dimeline player in May. One of Dimeline's sister sportsbooks - has owed a bettor $6,500 dollars since the summer of 2013. The player has been fed only generic lines from the sportsbook staff. SBR published a report on August 29 indicating that Dimeline was not paying players. Dimeline was also listed in SBR's sportsbooks to avoid list headed into the current football season.

Follow on twitter. SBR has been the leading online sportsbook industry watchdog since 1999. Players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form. Players with general questions may also contact SBR by writing to

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