Sportsbook Impostor Offering Bitcoin Deposit Bonus

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A sportsbook impostor is targeting players promising a deposit bonus for bitcoin transactions.

The impostor has altered his email address to make it appear as though he is representing a sportsbook.

Sportsbook Review retweeted a notice from the sports betting site targeted earlier today to warn players of the scam.

The below advice contains some steps to lessen the likelihood of being scammed.

#1. Only deal with sportsbook representatives you've contacted
When online sportsbooks cold call you, sometimes the offers are legitimate. But sometimes players might be targeted because of dealing with another company - a sports tout service, a low-rated sportsbook, or simply be the victim of a phisher who is running through the phone book. If you question the legitimacy of an offer, ask for the representative's name and then call the phone number listed on the online sportsbook website.

#2. Pay attention to e-mail addresses
Scammers will alter a letter or letters of an e-mail address to make it look as though that they are acting on behalf of a company. Even SBR has had scammers alter e-mail addresses to send marketing emails. Just as with step number one, do not transfer funds solely on the basis of an email offer if you are not certain you are dealing directly with the online sportsbook. Simply e-mail the address listed on the book's website or contact them via live help or phone first.

#3. Make sure not to use the same password at all online sportsbooks
If you are a savvy veteran industry player, chances are you play at more than online sportsbook. Chances are also that you are a bit of a thrill seeker, and because you already have accounts with all of the best online sportsbooks, you have traversed through unsafe waters by depositing with low-rated sportsbooks to try out their sportsbook bonus.

Players should check their accounts on a daily basis wherever they hold balances, and file a sportsbook complaint if in need of assistance with a sports betting site.

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