Sportsbook Forum Readers Question CRSportsBet's D rating

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Sportsbook Review asks CRSportsBet (SBR rating D) players with payment feedback to write to

The online sportsbook was recently added to the sportsbook rating guide at the mark of D.

The betting site is based in San Jose, Costa Rica, and uses Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS) software.

Some readers on the SBR Posting Forum questioned why the online sportsbook was not added to the worst sportsbook blacklist at D- for a rumored connection to stiff sportsbook BetMayor (SBR rating F).

While a former sales representative of BetMayor is employed at CRSportsBet, SBR has been unable to confirm any shared ownership connection.

As with any new, unlicensed online sportsbook in a jurisdiction where fly-by night operations can possibly scam players, CRSportsBet has been initiated a half-letter removed from the sportsbook blacklist.

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