Sportsbook Forum Discusses Possible Florida Fantasy Sports Ban

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There is a fantasy sports betting discussion trending at SBR Forum on Florida possibly being the next US state to ban daily fantasy sports.

SBR readers are giving their opinion on fantasy sports betting: There are supporters and naysayers, and many who land somewhere in-between. This article includes excerpts from some of the most pointed remarks from the SBR Posting forum.

Sportsbook Review reported on October 15 that Nevada dropped the hammer on the likes of FanDuel and DraftKings, who recently were marred by an insider trading scandal that continues to dominate fantasy headlines.

Concerning the onslaught of advertisements, SBR member 'daneblazer' had the following to say: "Perhaps if they were a little more subtle with their advertising they would be catching such heat? It's [expletive] eeeeeeeverywhere. And respectable people shilling for it too. I don't need Bill Cowher telling me his best fanduel values before the game"

SBR poster 'That Dude': "NBA and MLB commissioners both came out in supports of DFS in the last few days. With that much money behind them I think they are safe for the most part. Wouldn't surprise me to see some form of regulation but an outright ban is very unlikely."

SBR poster 'MoneyLineDawg': "A microcosm of what's wrong with America. The next time they focus on an issue or problem that actually matters in society will be the first."

A supporting post by SBR poster 'Kermit': "I have to admit that I know many people that have bought the NFL ticket on Direct TV just to watch obscure games now because of Fantasy. Fantasy football has made even the worst games of the week worth watching. It is also not unusual to hear the commentators talking about player's fantasy stats in games."

Upside from Fantasy Sports Betting Attention
The similarities between fantasy sports betting and traditional sports betting are too much for the sports leagues or lawmakers to ignore. At the end of day, gambling on sports is gambling on sports, and it may very well be a useful argument in court for New Jersey to use at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia when they again present their case to bring legal sports betting to Atlantic City casinos. Sportsbook Review interviewed NJ State Senator Ray Lesniak on this very topic last week.

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