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The online sportsbooks rating guide contains data on 223 online sportsbooks.

Historically more than 1,000 sportsbooks have been rated and reviewed by Sportsbook Review. Many of these betting sites are since off-line, some of which pulled the plug unceremoniously and found their final resting place in the worst sportsbook blacklist.

SBR cautions readers to take note of sportsbooks that are ranked worse than C, as many of these websites have customer service hiccups, payment delays, and offer an overall poor experience to players compared to with what is the case at top notch sportsbooks.

One of the most high profile slow-pay sportsbooks,, are presently behind on over 300 player withdrawals as reported by SBR. Despite the massive marketing and promotions, a leopard can't change its spots, sportsbooks ranked in the D range should be avoided.

It is hard enough to win games without worrying about if the next cheque will come through on time. SBR suggests players stick with top betting sites such as the companies listed on the best sportsbooks directory.

Sportsbook Rating Guide Features
The sportsbook rating guide displays the SBR rating on all searches: whether browsing for countries accepted by that sportsbook, first-time signup bonuses, wagering options, players will be guided by the overall rating. The rating guide is fully responsive, meaning that it displays best based on the size of your device.

Seek Help with Scam Betting sites
Sportsbook Review urges sports bettors who are in need of assistance to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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