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Sportsbook Email Response Test: See how 11 sportsbooks scored against a challenging set of questions from parlay bettor, Jon Burnett. Jon received three perfect responses in under an hour, the silent treatment from two books, and had one sportsbook pass his email to a third party who promotes them using SPAM. See results

Email Submission

Can you tell me what your NFL teasers pay out??

Do you allow any type of teasers with more than 7 points?
What does a 3 and 4 team parlay pay?
Can I tease and parlay NFL with a different league like MLB and NBA??
What is the best sign-up bonus you have right now?
I know the information is probably on your website but if you could give me the answers by email it would be great and I can show my Dad who is not internet savvy.

Thanks, Jon Burnett

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