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Share with: (SBR rating D-) dispute update. On February 9th, SBR reported that canceled $26,000 in winnings from a player. The player told SBR that he deposited $1,000 on Saturday February 5th, and made several parlays prior to increasing his balance to $26,000. canceled the player's winnings and stated that only the $1,000 deposit would be refunded. After discussing the complaint with management, SBR has concluded that's actions were justified. | report removes $26,000 from player's account was able to establish that the account holder violated their multiple account policy. While each sportsbook's method of dealing with multiple accounts differs, the general industry standard is that winnings derived from the first account would be honored, and subsequent deposits from the second account refunded. In this particular case, the original account holder was banned by after making an $800 chargeback. That account holder shared the same IP and billing address as the player who submit his SBR complaint. While the argument can be raised that should have discovered the violation immediately, the player wagered for only one day prior to having his account disabled. multiple account policy:

Members are not permitted to open multiple accounts (either within Sportsbook itself or affiliated websites) in order to circumvent the limits imposed by our wagering system. Performing such an action may trigger an audit of the member's accounts. If multiple accounts have been used then all bets may be voided, accounts may be inactivated and winnings may be forfeited.

SBRforum feedback
SBRforum readers have shared their feedback on this complaint in a discussion thread. While there have been a number of theories as to the player's alleged motives, most savvy readers drew the same conclusion even without being privy to the evidence collected by SBR — the player's actions were consistent with someone behind a credit card reversal scheme. SBR has chosen not to elaborate on how the scheme is operated to prevent giving a blueprint to potential scammers.

The $26,000 seizure serves as a reminder to players that sportsbooks in 2011 are much more sophisticated than in year's past. There are anti-fraud systems contributed to by most sportsbooks within the industry. Players become blacklisted after attempting to defraud sportsbooks and may find that their action is denied by unrelated sportsbooks as a result of being red-flagged. Even players who are legitimately being slow-paid by a sportsbook are advised not to make charge reversals to prevent being tagged as a scammer. player: chat is telling me that my account has been deactivated with $26,000 in winnings because the billing address & IP address is linked to a 2009 account of someone else's name that owes them $800.

They strongly implied I am that person, they want me to contact that person to get them to contact to pay their $800 debt, and then my account and $26,000 winnings will be restored. The rep said they have issued a refund of my $1,000 deposit and my card should see it in 3-10 days.Why would they do this if they think I am that person, and they say someone owes them $800??? Why would they refund me???? They said I would have to send back the $1000 if the $800 is paid and my account is restored.

They know they owe me $26,000 in winnings... I offered to just have t hem take it out of my winnings they said no. I offered to pay the $800 myself and they said they will send a request to that department to see if I could pay it. What does it matter??? They are being so unreasonable and completely unfair. Their logic is false

While's actions were justified in this dispute, the sportsbook is guilty of stiffing players over six figures in correlated parlay disputes; those cases are years old but remain open. has remained on SBR's sportsbook blacklist with a rating of D- due to those confiscations. Players with feedback are asked to write to


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