tells SBR 153 past due payouts have been sent

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A manager with (also known as "") has addressed SBR's report that documented 153 slow-pay complaints against the D- rated sports betting website.

These players are waiting to be paid a total of $221,786 and have been waiting in excess of the 3-5 week time-frame quoted by customer service. The longest outstanding complaint is a payout request from February 1st.

Up until now players have been given only generic updates on when they would receive payment from the online sportsbook, and have become extremely concerned over the solvency of the operation.

One player summed it up best in his e-mail complaint with Sportsbook Review: player: "I have been trying to withdraw 100k for 2+ years. Was tolerating their slow payouts, but now they have stopped entirely... I need this money very badly."

Sportsbook Review previously reported that management was looking into the payout complaints but had failed to provide specific information on when users could expect to receive their withdrawals. In the period of time since SBR's June 1st and June 19th report, 113 new slow-pay complaints were filed against Manager Updates SBR
SBR then provided the updated spreadsheet of player complaints to a manager, who today has stated that all players on the list had their transactions processed Monday and will soon be receiving their payouts, most of which are cheque. The manager went on to say that the players were notified.

Sportsbook Review has followed up with the 153 players to confirm whether or not they have received such a notification from the sportsbook and has asked players to confirm for the record once their payout requests are fulfilled. players who have been waiting for payouts for longer than advertised should submit a sportsbook complaint with SBR. has been on the SBR scam sportsbook blacklist since 2007 for failing to pay $156,000 to a player that went on a massive run betting parlays. The online sportsbook accused the player of taking advantage of a software bug that allowed parlay wagers to be placed on the same game. As long as this betting complaint remains outstanding and has its processing issues — three to five weeks being the slowest average in the industry — the sportsbook will remain on the blacklist.

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