stalls $24,000 payout request

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A player tells SBR that he requested a $24,000 payout ten weeks ago. The withdrawal was cancelled due to alleged "processing issues" at the time. The player was told that he would be given a priority withdrawal on his subsequent request (which was made on August 17th, 2011). The player tells SBR that his funds have yet to be received, and that an email was sent to him offering a $1,000 bonus if he were to agree to cancel the payout request.

This is the third report of a (ag) player being deliberately slow-paid and having a bonus-carrot dangled in front of them to terminate their withdrawal request.

On September 12th, SBR reported that a player has been unable to withdraw $250 from his account since July 8th. The payout was cancelled due to alleged processing issues, and despite being promised to be given a high priority following that botched withdrawal, the only action the player was a email offering him a  cash bonus for not taking his funds out.

On September 14th, another player report having his payout stalled in exchange for accepting a bonus. The player wrote to SBR that a $4,000 payment was cancelled on July 19th, 2011 due to alleged processor problems. Like the other two reports, the player was told that his next withdrawal request would be assigned a higher priority in light of the hiccup. The player resubmitted a $5,000 withdrawal request on August 19th. has yet to render payment to the player. management has yet to  provide comment to SBR on any of the three complaints.

Players in need of sportsbook assistance are asked to fill out a sportsbook complaint form. Alternatively, players may reach SBR by writing to or dialing 1-830-255-4677 seven days a week during normal business hours

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