player's Kentucky Derby dispute

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A US (SBR rating D-) player submits a Kentucky Derby wagering dispute. The player tells SBR that he wagered on horse "I'll Have Another Win" for $40. He complains that the horse paid out 9-1, rather than what he claims the track odds were for the horse. The player states that he believes he is owed $252 in winnings, but alleges that concluded the wager was graded properly. The case remains outstanding.

The player:

I placed a wager on the Kentucky Derby for I'll Have Another to WIN for $40. I made sure on the website that the lines given at that time were purely informational, and it says that {on the website}. However, when I was paid out, I was given 9-1 odds, or $18.00 per $2 for a win, rather than the track odds of $32.60. This difference cost me $252 on my winning wager. Now the sportsbook is refusing to pay me the money, and only paid me out $400 on a wager that should have paid $652. This is a ridiculous situation, because I guarantee that if they offered morning lines at 9-1, and a horse moved to 2-1 at post, they certainly wouldn't pay out the additional +700. I have demanded that they pay my money, and they are refusing, saying that the wager was paid correctly.

SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint.

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