payouts: four to six week withdrawals?

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A (sportsbook rating D-) player has submitted a payout complaint. On March 3rd, 2011, the player requested a $1,000 payout. The player tells SBR that he received confirmation his ID documents were verified prior to requesting the withdrawal. On March 10th, $1,000 was credited back to his account, attached to a system message notifying the player that his payout needs to be resubmitted.

The player tells SBR that after following up on his withdrawal status, quoted a four to six week time-frame for his bank wire to be received.

Recent news
On February 15th, SBR published an update to the vs player, $26,000 dispute. On February 9th, SBR initially reported that canceled $26,000 in winnings from a player. The player had deposited $1,000 a day prior to the Super Bowl on Saturday, February 5th, and made several parlays increasing his balance to $26,000. canceled the player's winnings in that dispute due to the player being linked to a player who had previously charged back $800. Both players used an identical method of play, placing long-shot parlays after making their credit card deposits. Player one lost his parlay, then reversed his deposit, player two, who accessed the sportsbook with the same IP address, went on win $26,000. multiple account policy:  Members are not permitted to open multiple accounts (either within Sportsbook itself or affiliated websites) in order to circumvent the limits imposed by our wagering system. Performing such an action may trigger an audit of the member's accounts. If multiple accounts have been used then all bets may be voided, accounts may be inactivated and winnings may be forfeited.







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