Group — & AllStar confiscate $39,000 from winning player

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AllStar (SBR rating D-) & (SBR rating D-) allegedly confiscate $39,000 in winnings. A player writes to SBR that on September 21st, his accounts were closed after he won $35,000 on tennis parlays.

The player deposited $10,500 to AllStar and increased his balance up to $49,500. He deposited $1,000 to and still has $6,900 in pending wagers at the sportsbook. He was told that he would be refunded the $10,500 in AllStar deposits, but would only receive his $1,000 back from if his pending wagers won.

AllStar and are both operated by Jazette Enterprises Ltd.. Jazette is the label behind the (SBR rating D-) family, and has acquired a reputation for confiscating funds from winning players. In this alleged instance of theft, the AllStar manager claims that the winnings were being voided due to the player circumventing limits. However, the player states that he was fully aware of Jazette skins policy and that he consciously avoided wagering the same game at each site. | group confiscation report


(The manager) says it is for circumventing limits. I asked him to provide any duplicate Bet ID's, he could not. I was aware of the Jazette policy that disallows using multiple skins to circumvent limits, so I always made sure never to bet the same game at both. By keeping two skins, I (erroneously) thought it would give me more security if something went wrong with an account.

SBR will update this report.

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